Move Fast
From Ideas To Executions

Stop waiting for the perfect moment.
Capture your daily sparks.
Practice your skills in sprints.
Grow your ideas in challenges.

Dream It, Achieve It

SPARK is your daily moment when you have an idea or an insight. Create engaging posts with texts, images, or video for yourself or your team. Once you have more time, launch goal oriented hubs to explore with more research, practice with more sprints, and launch more challenges.
Pick 1 out of 9 goals below, fly solo or do it with anyone to drive what you want to achieve in an agile & self-managing way.

Explore Your Domain

Spark & Research, Discuss Topics. Share Local Life

Practice Your Domain

Learning Sprint, Project Sprint, Business Sprint

Launch In Your Domain

Creator Challenge, Builder Challenge, Business Challenge


🙌 How It Works

Simple, Powerful, and Self-Serve.
Built for Future of Guilds & Teams to enable creator-led discoveries, expert-led trainings, and team-led innovations.

⛺ Host Your Hub

Pick your hub goal & interaction mode, boom!
Your hub just came to life. Customize it with a cool name and image.

Do you need co-host? invite them.
Do you need to circle up? invite them.
Do you need to team up? invite them.

Fly Solo
Just Engagement
Allow Co-Creation

😼 Add Sections & Sparks

Inside the hub, you can organize sparks into sections. Pick the beautiful layout best for you to showcase your contents.

Engage with your circle, guild, team, or client. Ask questions, give feedback, or even co-create together.

Change Layout
Change Order
Engage & Co-Creation

🪣 Take Bucket Actions

Easy to plan resource, actions, and effort in large engaging bucket cards. Calibrate your confidence & status toward achieving last mile and celebrate journey and results together.

Work on it
Need help
Last mile
Celebrate it

🤗 Hub For Anything

Hub is like a Virtual Garden for New Ideas or a Virtual Gym for Future Self.
Both can grow stronger. Come and discover what people created. Meet like-minded people who share similar interests or goals.


🚀 Boost Your Experience

Do you want to experience faster, better and exclusive features?
Check out our The Booster Package to enjoy many advanced features like Custom Tagging,
Custom Layouts, Spark Habit Report, Contribution Dashboard, Add Co-Host & Sponsors, and many more.

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🦸 Sprint With Us

Don't want to do it alone?
Check out our Cohort Schedule for Networking, Sprints, and Challenges.